Ten Ways to Start a Self Love Journey


And it won’t take you blocking off 7 hours of your day for clearing all conscious thoughts from your being. OR convince you that your mind is your enemy and you need to totally overhaul your entire life.

I mean you can if you want to… but self love is foundational! Meaning that it should be as easy and as much a part of your life as breathing. We just kinda forgot. As many years as it took you to forget how awesome you are, it might take some discipline to get back to making it so freaking easy.

If you landed here you might be feeling the pull, urge, nudge to just fall back in love with you.

Your journey has called and you’ve decided to pick up the phone. Let’s get you started.


  1. Create a journaling practice. I highly recommend end of day journaling. It’s way less stressful than pushing yourself to do all this shiz at the crack of dawn or suffer the daily consequences. IF nights aren’t your thing….do whatever feels good.
  2. Take up “hot girl” walks. You might have seen this all over TikTok this summer, but essentially it’s just taking a walk with the intention of clearing your mind, grounding into your body and enjoying the view along the way.
  3. Practice THE GLITTER. This is just the tiny act of looking for the good in the world. From a tree to a fun song on the radio. It’s just noticing that there are really great things happening all around you. I’m a huge fan of this…obvi. The world is happening, but it’s up to you to notice it happening.
  4. Do something you love every single day. Don’t cut yourself short by letting guilt take over. If you love to spend your mornings watching a hot gossip show, do it. If you enjoy taking a longer lunch, do it. Make time for things you love. YOU!! Not your fav influencer, but YOU!
  5. Wear what makes you feel good. Stop worrying that you need to blend in and start dressing for you. Put on the bright sweater if it brings you joy. Wear the crop top if you love how you feel. Dress for your own inner girl gang, and watch how quickly you love your day.
  6. Practice fierce boundaries. So hell no and then practice saying it again. AND again. Say it out loud with me now, “NO!” People don’t know, what they don’t know. They will continue to push until you stand up for yourself. You’ve heard it already, but if it doesn’t bring you joy, there’s a trash can for it.
  7. Know what your triggers are. If a certain situation doesn’t vibe with you, or sets you over the edge, work on it. Is there something you could do differently or change up, then do it. I know that if at 5pm my family starts asking what’s for dinner, I’ll lose my mind. So we set up a system…. which brings me to…
  8. Set yourself up for success. I learned during my husband’s last deployment that I needed AND enjoyed having things set up and ready to go. I did my laundry every Sunday because I hated digging through laundry piles. I organized my week and discussed it with my kids. I dedicated time to workouts and started doing more at home (insert my Peloton addiction here). I set myself up for success in as many areas as possible. Where could you set yourself up for success?
  9. Avoid numbing out. If you don’t want to deal with something, the solution isn’t to avoid it. It’s to actually deal with it. I’ve had my own fair share of depression cycles and I will catch myself numbing out over just being in my real life (also where practicing THE GLITTER comes in handy). I know what my numb out cycles look like and I take radical responsibility for my actions. Get to know yours and try redirecting them in any of the steps listed here.
  10. Decide for YOURSELF what feels good to you. Make a list, create those boundaries, set yourself up for success and give grace freely. We see a lot of people beating their own chests these days and telling the world what success should look like. But what if I don’t want that version? Girl it’s up to you to decide what you do want.

Each of these practices will all stack up and soon they just become part of your daily existence. To summarize: Break up your current patterns that do NOT bring you joy, with more of the habits that do. Life isn’t always going to bring you wheel barrels of sunshine and rainbows. Shitty stuff is going to happen. It’s up to you to decide what you are going to do with all of that. 🙂


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The information stated in this post is based on my own experiences and not to be used in place of mental health advice. If you are suicidal or experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact your mental health team, call 911, or contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline immediately by dialing 988.

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