Why Self Love Isn’t Just a Trend

Is Self Love the REAL Deal? Or just a cool Trend?

If you browse the TikTok and Gram on the regular (It’s ok, I do too LOL!), you probably have noticed the influx of ‘love yourself posts’ lately..

Are people waking up finally and realizing the importance of this concept or is it just more regurgitation of the next cool thing to talk about?!

My guess is – it’s a little bit of both. I’m here to tell you though, Self-Love is not just a trend. It is a necessity. And I am not only going to prove it, I’m giving you 3 easy steps to practice it for yourself starting today!

But first – let’s get centered!

*runs off swiftly to apply glitter*

Ok, that’s better! Girl, you know if we are talking about loving ourselves, we gotta have that sparkle! You should try it! Glitter is my jam, and not only do we have our own innate glitter to share with the world, we can literally splash it all over ourselves and have FUN doing this thing called life! Check out my fave glitter products HERE!

What is Self-Love anyway?

I need to give you some background here.

Loving myself is not something that’s always come easy to me. I’ve spent more time than I care to revisit being so unsure of who I was that I didn’t even believe I had time for love at all let alone loving myself!

I could show up for what I needed to, but it’s like I was this empty shell. 

Constantly thinking if I just could do more for everyone else, if I just worked a little harder…eventually I’d be seen.

Have you ever noticed it seems easier and more natural to do for others, but application to yourself just feels impossible?!

I became depressed, broken…life just wore me down.

And I became suicidal.

The turning point for me was almost a decade ago, I had a job making $13 an hour and my boss told me that I would never be able to do more than that.

So. I QUIT. That very day, I said to myself that things were going to change and I set out on this healing journey to not only prove to myself that I was worth more, but that I could LIVE and do it freely. Just as I designed it.

***With a little help from the Powers That Be of course!

What’s so funny to me today is that I am happy as can be lathering my body with handmade glitter lotions and goos and talking to aliens, but you know.. we can save the alien talk for another post HA!

The point is, I had to learn to love myself to find and believe in my own worth. It’s something I have to choose every single day. It’s the number one best tool I’ve ever utilized to overcome all the things and now I’m able to accept myself for who I am and grow expansive in this journey.

This is what I want for you.

I’m not going to give you Webster’s Dictionary definitions of what Self-Love is. Dry and boring isn’t really my style, but more importantly, the definition is going to come from within you. To help give you a hint, you’re going to have to give yourself a break, get present, and start with some compassion. You’d give a child compassion, even if that child isn’t yours. If you think you don’t have little you’s inside of you needing the same, we may need to have a different conversation!

That’s right, even all glitzed and sparkled up, I’ll give a little tough love here! But it’s only because I needed it too and I am so thankful for the information that was passed onto me about needing to find my own compassion.

Listen, this Self-Love train can’t possibly be a trend!

Just because it’s cool to talk about now, doesn’t make Self-Love any less relevant. I’m glad people are talking about it more, even if some are just hopping on the concept because it’s all of a sudden visible. 

Love in general is amongst the highest of vibrations and we need to work together to consciously raise the vibration of this planet because so many are in need of healing. 

Loving yourself is a concept that’s been around for eons, so if you’re just hearing about it now, all I can really say about that is – I’m glad this age-old healing remedy has reached you! By all means, talk about it until it becomes true for you too.

  1. Give yourself a break and accept that you’re not alone.

I mean it. Decide right now in this moment that you are not “bad”. That label has got to go. Every single thing that goes wrong in this world and in your own life is not all your fault and the displaced guilt and shame you’re putting on yourself is weighing you down. 

Maybe you find yourself in constant anxiety because you know you are always “trying”, but can’t ever get to the goal you are trying to reach. Yeah, been there too girl. It’s probable that if you are anything like me that you have been placing extremely unrealistic expectations on yourself and others this whole time and relating that to your own self-loathing.

No more. Choose the break and take all the pressure off yourself. You gotta regroup. There is nothing “bad” about you. You are a beautiful soul living a very human experience. We are all fallible.

  1. Take a breath, and get present.

This moment, this day. It’s all we have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. Your physical, mental, and spiritual well being is calling you! What better gift could you give yourself right now to show yourself that you indeed matter to you. BREATHE. 

Most people don’t even know they are breathing incorrectly, oddly enough. It’s because our society is designed to keep us in this forever state of fight or flight. Which is totally unnecessary, but it’s also not our faults for the ‘system’ being designed this way. 

Try this with me. Put one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen. My guess is that your abdomen isn’t moving, but your chest is right? This means you are actually not getting the right amount of oxygen to your brain needed to function outside of said fight or flight mode.

The fix to this is to make the decision to actively breathe. With your hands in the same place, close your eyes and breathe in slowly for 7 counts. First starting with filling the belly, you’ll move then through your diaphragm and then into your lungs. Hold this breath for one count. Slowly exhale for another 7 counts moving from your lungs down until your belly is empty.

Want an enhancement to this practice? Repeat this cycle 10 times and each time breathe in “Self-Love” and exhale anything that could possibly be taking away your peace. This will not only center you, but raise your vibrational state.

  1. Give your inner kiddo some love. 

Just take a quick moment now that you have given yourself a break and taken the time to breathe, to envision yourself as a younger you. Walk up to her and just give her a hug. As you do this, wrap your arms around yourself. (No one is watching, just do it haha!) 

Say out loud to your younger you: 

“I love you. Everything is going to be ok. You are doing a great job. And I am here for you.” 

Sit with this moment you have created for yourself for as long as you feel you need to and then release.

If you just did all of these steps as you read them, freaking HIGH FIVE girlfriend! 

Practice these steps every day for a week. Come back here and tell me how it’s helping you!

No go slay your day you beautiful badass. Self-Love is here to stay and free for the taking. 

You are ready.


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The information stated in this post is based on my own experiences and not to be used in place of mental health advice. If you are suicidal or experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact your mental health team, call 911, or contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline immediately by dialing 988.

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