How to forgive yourself & why you need to!

I’m a failure.

My life sucks.

They are happy, why can’t I be happy?!

My ideas are dumb and they will never work.

Anything ringing a bell here??

The lies we tell ourselves stem from not just a lack of Self-Love, but also a lack in Self Forgiveness.

Besties, we really need to talk.

When I decided to start this blog, all I really wanted was to cheerfully sprinkle glitter all over your beautiful faces and hype you up! I love the hype, the fun of collaboration and parties with disco balls spinning around everywhere; it’s my jam. Getting to experience the empowerment of what us Baddie’s can create together and the impact that can have on this crazy planet we inhabit holds a special place in my heart and soul.

But what is Self-Love without Forgiveness? 

The more I sit down to write to you, the deeper this Self-Love rabbit hole gets. You and I both owe it to ourselves to experience the phenomenon of true internal healing. We weren’t meant for a lifetime of salty moods and subconscious sabotage with just moments of expressed freedom. So, today – deep we go! 

Forgiveness is made of compassion. When we are angry with someone else, we get a choice in deciding to let the person off the hook or not to. The cliches of ‘forgive, but don’t forget’ come out from our closest gal pals and somehow we are supposed to then just keep it movin’ with life as it is making the choice to follow along with that nice phrase or not. 

Taking it a step further, you may have even heard ‘forgiveness is for you, not for them’. Why do you think that is? It’s the simple, not easy answer of: If you do not forgive, the resentment created from whatever trauma you just endured will fester inside of you and actually create your own next level self-imposed prison.

Nothing like a heavy dose of truth for lunch, amirite?! Ha!

This is why I need glitter, lol. I’m telling you! Today, the GrandMaster glitter of choice is Aurora Aura Shimmer Rush Spray. It cleanses and resets my aura, especially when I need to give and receive these heavier universal downloads. You should try it! You can get yours HERE!

Listen Bestie, if we can grasp the concepts of why we need to outwardly forgive those who have harmed us, we can do it for ourselves too. Every time one of those silly lies come up in our brains that tell us somehow we are not good enough, there’s a belief that was formed from some experience we had at some point in our past that reinforces the belief and we never get to fully LOVE ourselves because the self-forgiveness needed that stemmed from the belief never happened.

I know you can see the ‘why’. The next question is: How?! 

It’s tough to forgive yourself if you don’t know what you need to forgive yourself for. For the sake of simplicity, start with the lies that keep coming up. 

I’ll do this actively right here and now with you. Just the other day, I was really feeling like my ideas were stupid and that no one really cared about this Self-Love mission that was Universally given to me.

Yep, even after all the healing I’ve done, I still come across tired old stories that need full on torching! Healing isn’t linear. And we need to be able to ‘identify in’ if we are truly going to be able to help raise the consciousness of this planet together.

Here’s how I blasted through this belief and forgave myself for having it in the first place and how you can do the same for yourself:

  1. Get honest with yourself. What really happened when this mean thing you told yourself came up? For me, I was tired and creating all types of glittery content that I wanted to share with you. Feelings of inadequacy crept in because I was trying something new – again. Feels like I am always having to shift gears or getting new downloads that I want to explore and create rad content for. Does that really mean that my ideas are stupid just because everyone on the globe has not received the same message I’m wanting to share yet? NO! We have to get honest about the true nature of what is going on. Awareness is key. Awareness gives clarity in making the choices we need to make to heal.
  2. Detach from identifying with the thought. We wouldn’t be who we are without the stories that make up our past and the lessons that have come with it. However, we don’t *need* to identify so hard with the story that we can’t move forward in healing today! Where did this belief that my ideas are dumb even come from? Making mistakes in the past?? If that’s true, then it would be easy to say that not only are my ideas stupid, but that I am a mistake. No no, NO! I am not a mistake, I have made mistakes. Hell, the reason I sit in the seat I do today is because I was willing to take risks knowing that some of them might not work out! If awareness is key, perspective would be the keyhole. We need both.
  3. Ask for the willingness to let that shit go. Ask a friend, ask whatever you believe in. Just actively ask for that willingness somehow so the vibrational energy of the word gets out there! The pain that comes from an embedded belief like that can be so strangely comforting. Fear of the unknown can keep us so stuck. For me the unknown is: what if it DOES work out?! Maybe you are like me and you have a bunch of “evidence” marked by all the failures you’ve gone through that it won’t work out so, without conscious permission, you hold onto that belief like it’s going out of style. Letting new GOOD beliefs form would require different evidence, right? Evidence you may or may not have yet. So ask for the willingness to let that belief go and practice doing it. Go get your new evidence, Babe! You’re still breathing, so you still have a chance.
  4. Give yourself an inner glitter hug. This is the deepest and most beautiful one of them all. You had a Mean Girl moment at your own self. It’s ok. Put that figurative baseball bat down and give yourself a break. It took you years and years of living through life’s obstacles to establish that lie as a truth for yourself and it really will take practice to unlearn it. Close your eyes and imagine little you sitting alone feeling afraid because she doesn’t think she is good enough. Go comfort her. Tell her you are sorry for leaving her with any fear and that she’s not alone. Ask her to practice with you this new idea of how absolutely incredible you both are. Hug her. Feel the forgiveness and gratitude little you so freely is giving away, just like any other child would. Showing up for yourself like this is such a gift. Envisioning little me turn her frown upside down gives me such a special type of joy and confidence. It’s where I find our true glitter really comes from.

You are here on purpose for a purpose. Everything you have ever been through and will go through from here on out was all agreed upon by you before you descended to this Earth plane. 

Tell the Ego you acquired upon arriving here to kick rocks! Your highest self knows just how worth it you are. 

It’s the inner glitter hug for me! 😉

Forgiveness is one of the best forms of love you could ever give to yourself. It takes strength and courage and I for one, am impressed by your investment into creating such a beautiful relationship with yourself. 

Until next time, Baddie!


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The information stated in this post is based on my own experiences and not to be used in place of mental health advice. If you are suicidal or experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact your mental health team, call 911, or contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline immediately by dialing 988.

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