Affirmations for Self Love: A Deeper Look

Affirm with me Glitter Bestie!

I am made of Love & Light. I deserve to Love myself.

Ahh yes, the sweet peace of knowing.<3 Damn right you deserve to love yourself! Embodying self-love is necessary to our existence and we are actually entitled to this type of love as an innate part of our being born here on Planet Earth.

Self-Love helps us move beyond surviving, strengthens our relationships, opens us to our true inner Glitter, provides us confidence and it just plain feels GOOD!

Affirmations have always helped me in the Self-Love department and are such a great way to help tame the mind when forming new beliefs. In fact, affirmations are a big part of how Chill Glitter came to pass! What Glitter represents here is a tangible affirmation of how capable I am in reaching my full potential in my soul given purpose during this life journey. This Glitter blog couldn’t be here without loving myself so hard that a mission to help you do the same was downloaded into my being.

And that’s just an example of how powerful Self-Love can be! PS…if you too need a tangible representation of the love inside of you that’s waiting to pour out, grab you some glitter, Boo!

Listen GF, it’s time to accept that we not only are entitled to this kind of love but that we are truly worth it! Imagine talking to yourself and knowingly depriving you of a lifeline over *feeling* like you aren’t worth it. Your feelings are valid because they are yours, but I can assure you that feelings are not always the same as facts. #readthatagain

The good news is feelings are temporary and the facts are: you are incredible and so freaking worthy of love!

You CAN do this!

Let’s take a deeper look together at a few of my favorite Self-Love affirmations and how you can start using them today!

  1. I am powerful. Think about the gravity this statement holds. It can swing both ways depending on your perspective. You are so powerful that you can deny giving yourself love. You are also so powerful that you can give yourself love! The power is in the awareness which gives you the ability to choose. The power is inside choosing to love yourself in such a way that your vibration rises into a state of Love, which is what you are made of. Love is the ultimate healer btw!
  2. I am safe in this moment. I’ve struggled with anxiety in the past due to various life traumas so when I get triggered, I feel unsafe. But that doesn’t mean I am *actually* unsafe. When we are worried, anxious, triggered, etc. it is quite difficult to lean on Love because the focus at that moment is on Fear. Repeating this one calms the nervous system and helps bring us back to the present moment. I am safe. Right here, right now. I am safe. Calm your booty down to raise the Love vibes back up!
  3. I respect and honor the temple my soul is living in. In the beginning of my Self-Love journey, it was not exactly easy to go straight into saying out loud that I loved my body. Personally, all I could see were its imperfections with the added assumption that – obviously – everyone else saw them too. This perspective helped so much! Your soul chose the vessel it lives in because it knew it was capable of incredible things. You get to respect the hell out of that! Big, small, stretch marks or not, your body has carried you through every single experience you have ever had. It’s fascinating to me what our bodies can do. So if you can’t get there to love your body as is on Day 1 of your Self-Love journey, choose respecting and honoring your Soul’s temple. Loving your body will follow. 
  4. I am my own best friend. At the end of the day, besties don’t go out of their way to be mean to each other, right?! You wouldn’t call your best friend up and tell her that she’s a piece of shit and you hate her frizzy hair! So, why are you doing that to yourself? You never leave you. You are there through all of your darkest hours. You are the one who puts you to bed every night. You are there through every tear, every laugh, every relationship. You are truly your own best friend. It’s ok to treat yourself how you’d treat the people you love most.
  5. I am grateful for being the beautiful Baddie that I am. Ok, maybe I didn’t know the word Baddie when I first started this journey, but if I did, this is how I would have said the affirmation lol! Gratitude is just about as high vibe as Love is. If you can become grateful for who you are, you can learn to love who you are. You have survived every single day of your life. 100% track record! And you are definitely beautiful. Beauty is much deeper than outward appearance. Become grateful for your personality or that joke that made that one person laugh so hard or the sheer fact that you woke up again. The gratitude you have for yourself will transform into Self-Love over time.

Say these affirmations daily! Write them on the bathroom mirror, look at yourself when you say them. Use sticky notes and post those suckers all over your kitchen so you see them when you’re cooking. Spend time with them and watch how they start to become beliefs and how it translates to your own worthiness. 

I don’t expect you to believe an affirmation the first time you say it. But I do know that if you are here reading this, you have a desire to grow and love you. Experiment with these daily and find out if they become true for you. 

Spoiler alert! The truth shall set you free Glitter Bestie!

If no one has told you today, I love you!

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