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Discover the secret sauce to level up your social media game, make authentic connections, and grow your business.

Proven Social Media Content Ideas to Boost Your Visibility

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Hey content creators, are you feeling like you’re stuck in a whirlwind of chaos and struggling to keep up with the demands of content creation? Well, fear not! As your friendly, glitter-filled social media manager, I’m here to share some steps that will not only make your life easier but will also inject a dose […]

Organizing and Planning for Successful Content Creation

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Let’s bust these myths wide open and spill the glitter on the real deal behind sharing your personal stories and creating content that really packs a punch.

Using Personal Stories to Grow Your Business

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I’m spilling the glitter on the tips and tricks that will make your audience do a double-take.

Create Social Media Content that Connects

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Feeling the social media content overwhelm? You’re not alone in this struggle! Many of us content creators and entrepreneurs get caught up in a whirlwind of random posts with no clear strategy for hitting the goal. And let’s be real, we’re not just throwing stuff out there for fun—we want results!

Grow Your Business with Testimonials & Green Screens

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I get it, there are some widespread misconceptions that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and questioning your content creation journey. I am here to correct the mistakes that these other so-called experts claim were their ticket to fame.

Mastering Consistency: The Secret to Social Media Success!

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Affirm with me Glitter Bestie! I am made of Love & Light. I deserve to Love myself. Ahh yes, the sweet peace of knowing.<3 Damn right you deserve to love yourself! Embodying self-love is necessary to our existence and we are actually entitled to this type of love as an innate part of our being […]

Affirmations for Self Love: A Deeper Look

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I’m a failure. My life sucks. They are happy, why can’t I be happy?! My ideas are dumb and they will never work. Anything ringing a bell here?? The lies we tell ourselves stem from not just a lack of Self-Love, but also a lack in Self Forgiveness. Besties, we really need to talk. When […]

How to forgive yourself & why you need to!

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BASICALLY EVERYTHING I’M ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU IS FREE! And it won’t take you blocking off 7 hours of your day for clearing all conscious thoughts from your being. OR convince you that your mind is your enemy and you need to totally overhaul your entire life. I mean you can if you want […]

Ten Ways to Start a Self Love Journey

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Is Self Love the REAL Deal? Or just a cool Trend? If you browse the TikTok and Gram on the regular (It’s ok, I do too LOL!), you probably have noticed the influx of ‘love yourself posts’ lately.. Are people waking up finally and realizing the importance of this concept or is it just more […]

Why Self Love Isn’t Just a Trend


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